New Beginnings

The month of September was full of changes. Truthfully, my life since the latter part of 2013 has been totally unpredictable. For time sake, I will only focus on the changes in the last month (I think).

At the beginning of September, I resigned my worship position where I worked with a pastor, mentor, and friend. The move of the Holy Spirit to leave didn’t make sense, but God made it clear that I would disobey Him if I stayed.

The following Friday, I married the woman I prayed for. I can’t even put into words how wonderful this is. We are still in the process of trying to blend homes, belongings, etc.

Now, I find myself once again stepping into the unknown. This season of rest from weekly church ministry has been refreshing. I have worshiped in some great churches for the last four Sundays. This coming Sunday, I will assist in leading worship at a church plant in the area and preach at a local church in the evening. I continue to serve as a hospice chaplain and have added some substitute teaching into the mix. I’m excited about what God is doing. In this season of my life, I hear God saying “It’s not about one local organization/church; it’s about My kingdom”. So I will continue to help believers draw into a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and watch God expand my circle of influence all for His greater glory. Please join me in asking God to open doors where I can preach, teach, lead worship, or be a blessing.