The Ministry God Has Given Me

A few years ago, a committee contacted me about being the church’s worship leader. I agreed to the phone interview. In the process, I was asked why I served so many churches since 1996. After some time of examination, I began to understand why.

The ministry God gave me is one of transition. God sends me somewhere for a season. When the purpose is accomplished, He sends me to the next place. Because the ministries in which I have been involved are primarily music, I inherited situations where unity was no longer present and God restored unity while I served in that position. I am an encourager and transitional leader.

My God-given ministry of transitional leadership is not a sin. I now embrace it. I am not interested in building an empire. I am simply interested in encouraging the body of Christ to see that there is something greater around the corner. Because I have been a pastor, I want to encourage pastors and supplement their God-given vision as God provides opportunity.

I honestly cannot wait to see how God uses me next and where. I am thankful to be God’s instrument through which HE alone does all the work.