Life Makes Sense Later (The Bigger Picture)

We can all agree that we do not understand the happenings and seasons of life while we are in the midst of them. Over time, we gain perspective and make sense of what made no sense before. Such has been my transition recently.

When God led me to step down from my worship position on September 6, all I knew was I had an order from God. Since then, I got married and am experiencing the transition of blending two homes and families. My wife is a tremendous blessing and constant encourager! Other things have taken place that revealed to me the need for my attention to be diverted for a season.

After many years of living hours away from my mother, she moved down here in May. I asked her last year to consider that since I would be where I am for the long haul. I am the only child, and I wanted her to move near me while she was able. I thank God that I had the foresight to do so.

Since the move, she has had some health struggles beyond what we realized. Her new doctor put her through multiple tests to discover that she ultimately needed open heart surgery. Had she stayed where she was, this may not have been discovered. God has provided in amazing ways since then, and I have had the joy of being able to walk with her through this and the recovery that will follow.

I had no idea what God was doing then, but the picture is becoming clearer. Dear friend, you may not be able to see it now. But wait! Step back, focus on the bigger picture, and you may see the hand of God in ways you never expected.