Wait a Minute…or Several!

Throughout Scripture, God commands His children to wait. But it’s the one thing we hate to do. This is a generation that wants what we want, and we want it yesterday. However, God has a bigger plan for us than just instant gratification. He knows that our character is not developed when everything is handed to us. It is built when we go through the difficult times. God has a way of giving us the test before He teaches the lesson.

As I step forward and obey God’s voice regarding future ministry, I wait with anticipation and trust. Is it scary? Yes! Is it uncomfortable? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes! What do I do while I wait? I continue to serve. My first ministry is to my family. I will not make a decision that will jeopardize them (lesson learned from the past). God instituted the family before He instituted the church. I continue to find great joy as I visit churches each week and worship with my Christian brothers and sisters across the area. I find great joy as I minister to hospice patients and families on a weekly basis. I’m also blessed to teach 7 piano students.

When it comes to the local church, I feel much like Abraham. God told him to leave where he was but gave him no further instruction. Jesus told His disciples to launch out into the deep and do something that made no sense to them. The end result was phenomenal in both cases. Babbie Mason sang it well when she sang, “when you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.” You’ll be glad you waited.