Thankful…for the Scars?

Two years ago tomorrow, this week was not a week of Thanksgiving. It is the anniversary of when I resigned the pastorate, knowing that my family was about to split and my career and location were uncertain. As most people would, they went on with their lives while the holidays were very painful to me. But it didn’t do any good to share my pain with others unless they knew what a failed marriage, a bad pastorate, and a combination of other things felt like.

Today is a different story. Have I forgotten what the aforementioned things felt like? No! Does the devil try to bring back the pain? Yes! But I type in full assurance that what the devil meant for a setback was a launching pad for a comeback.

I no longer have my children with me every day. Full-time ministry is most likely a memory of the past. But I bear scars that make me more compassionate. I will not sit in condemnation of someone who has been through a divorce. I will not look down upon a pastor who went through a bad experience. Today, I can honestly say I understand.

My ministry and life partner is a lady who knows similar scars and still loves Jesus. She is a woman of character and has supported me every step of the way. We are thankful for the scars because they have made us who we are today. We would not have chosen the journey, but we are thankful for the people God has touched through our stories of how He healed our broken lives. Are you broken? Allow Jesus to heal you!