What Defines You?

If you were to describe who you are to others, what words would you say? Nurse? Preacher? Mom or dad? Husband or wife? World record breaker? These would probably be words you would use to define yourself if had a more positive self-image.

How would define yourself if you had a negative self-image or a past you regret? Would you say that you’re a single mom? Divorced person? Used-to-be pastor? Formerly successful businessman?

For quite a while, I used to define myself as a divorced former pastor who once knew success in ministry. But then God reminded me that my identity is not in what I do or in past failures.

Since I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I am forgiven. I have a sure future. Divorce does not define me. My success or lack of success as a full-time minister does not define me. My current positions as a hospice chaplain and piano teacher (as much as I love them) do not define me.

My Lord gives me significance – so much significance that He gave His life to provide forgiveness for my sin. I am forever loved by Him! Nothing can separate me from that love!

He defines you too! When you enter a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, you are a child of God! Your past is forgiven, your present has purpose, and your future is secure. Praise the Lord!