Slow Cooking in a Microwave World

I bet some of you are thinking, “Matthew is going to give us a recipe or talk about his cooking expertise.” That thought is hilarious!!!! Those who know me well know that I barely cook, so this blog has absolutely nothing to do with food.

As a hospice chaplain, I travel a good bit among three counties. We provide care within the home, so I have a lot of driving and thinking time. Today, I was praying (with eyes open) as I traveled to make my first chaplain visit of the day. I was reflecting on my future in church ministry and wondering what, where, and when God had in store for me. As I reflected and prayed, God brought something interesting to my attention. Because of my life transitions, the process God is using in my life to prepare me for what’s ahead is more like cooking in a slow cooker when I want to be microwaved and instantly thrown into what is next.

Many of us are just like that. We want microwave quickness when God wants to “slow cook” to adequately prepare us for the good thing He has in store for us. We want the shortcut when God wants us to learn permanent lessons.

I can personally tell you story after story in my life about when I tried to rush God or hurry healing. You don’t put a bandaid over staph infection. It takes a long time to heal.

I know that you’re probably impatient like I am. Take this word from someone who cares and trust God while He is preparing you in the “slow cooker”. You will be fully “cooked” and ready to soar like an eagle in this next stage of life.