Church Swimsuit Competition

I know some of you who are reading this article are about to go on a conservative rant with thoughts that I am condoning a church wide celebration of women’s flesh. If you know me well enough, you know that this blog will take a different turn.

I have been amazed at the desires of churches. As someone who has talked to several pastors and search committees, most conduct their search for a pastor or church staffer like a swimsuit competition. People who are shopping for a new church do the same thing. Is the pastor young? Is his wife attractive? Do his kids sit like statues in church and act like robots who are at the end of their parents’ remote control? Can the youth pastor or worship leader fit into skinny jeans? These are among the “qualifications” for church leadership.

Whatever happened to biblical qualifications? What about beliefs? Does the preacher, preaching, music, and ministries all draw people’s attention to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Sadly, it’s the young and hip ministers who are winning in this area. Jesus has faded in the background as primadonas have made their way to the forefront.

Please don’t label me sacrilegious because I’m not trying to portray Jesus as a swimsuit model. I’m using an illustration to prove that churches have lost focus. Until Christ has his rightful place in the church, many churches, programs, and pastors will be a passing fad. When it comes to church and my Christian life, I just want Jesus. Is anyone with me?