I’m Not Feeling It

I was driving down the road making hospice visits this week, and I was just thinking about life. You, like me, have those days when everything is moving along just fine and some days when you’re just not feeling it. Once I do what I do, I feel it. Until I just step out and do it, I often don’t feel it.

What are you and I to do when we’re not feeling it? The answer is quite simple – do what we know! You might get up and think about your job and think, “I’m not feeling it.” But you KNOW that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. You might not be “feeling” the whole thing of paying bills, but you KNOW that your lights could be cut off, your car taken from you, etc.

This is a generation that’s all about “feeling it”. The truth is your emotions change from minute to minute. So you’re going to be a yo-yo until you do what you know.

Principles and truth are solid. You may not feel that God loves you, but the absolute truth is He loves you ALL the time! You and I must live by truth NOT feeling. So next time you’re not “feeling it”, live by what you know anyway!


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Feeling It

  1. A lot of times I’m not feeling it…..and wind up not doing it unless I really MAKE myself do it. Depression has been a bad part of my life for awhile….I don’t feel like being like this, but I’m just not feeling God’s peace and inspiration. How do I find this?

    1. Jeanette,

      I understand well the battle with depression. I am the fourth generation of family who has suffered from clinical depression. I avoided treatment for several weeks because of the stigma that conservative Christians have put on it. Furthermore, I was afraid of judgmental people who would say I had a spiritual problem because they thought I couldn’t be a minister of experience depression.

      It is a paralyzing thing. I found that part of my problem was related to diet, exercise, and a chemical imbalance. Some days are a harder fight than others, but I continue to find God’s grace to press on.

      The greatest advice I can give you is to not isolate yourself. There was a time when I would stay away from everyone because I just didn’t want to face people. I found though that the greatest part of my healing would come from being around the right people.

      I don’t know your particular situation, but I will pray that God will do a supernatural work of encouragement in your life and that you can pass that encouragement on.

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