2015 in Review

This year has been a year of surprises. I began the year going into a new ministry with a pastor friend who remains a dear friend. I thought I would go and spend a long time there, but God had other plans. When God showed me it was time to go, I moved on. I had no clue what I would do next, but I had to obey. I know now that God was showing me it is time to rest for a little while and continue to minister as God opens doors but take a break from being on a church staff for a season. I’m sure I’ll be back in it eventually, but God is telling me to rest for now.

Then much to my surprise, God sent me the lady to whom I am now married. I did not know her, but a co-worker was sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and introduced us. We knew pretty quickly that God ordained for us to be together, so we didn’t waste any time getting married.

An even bigger surprise came when we found out the day before Thanksgiving that we have a baby due in July. I’m not getting any younger, so I might as well do this before I’m old.

There are still things that I question, but I leave each day to the Lord who called me. This new year is a new year to follow His marching orders. Who will you live for this year?


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