I Can’t Get No…Satisfaction

For those of you who have lived a little while, you’re singing the song by the Rolling Stones. Truth be known, this is how most people feel. They try to be satisfied in a relationship but are still empty. They look for it in a job and are still unhappy. Some turn to drugs, alcohol, partying, sex, but still no satisfaction. Why  is that? The message of the day is about us being happy, but we still can’t find satisfaction? Sheryl Crow sang, “If it makes you happy, then why…are you so sad?”

Why is it? Could it be that God didn’t create you to be satisfied outside of Him? Paul spoke about the spirit and the flesh in his writings recorded in the Bible. The flesh consists of our selfish desires, while the spirit consists of godly desires and things that please the Lord.

The problem is that we are selfish by nature. Our body screams to be satisfied by selfish things that leave us empty. We have to exercise discipline in living the life God created us to live if we will find true satisfaction.

Nothing great comes without work, determination, and a fight. Victories are not won on the bench. You must train before you play, and you must play hard and intentionally to win.

So, do you REALLY want satisfaction? Then quit living for yourself. Quit doing what comes easy! The late Pastor John Osteen often said, “Great it is to dream the dream as you stand in youth by the starry stream; but a greater thing is to fight life through and say in the end, ‘the dream is true’.”


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