Is Divorce the Scarlet “D”?


When God called me to ministry, I aligned myself with my current denomination because of its stance on Scripture. I must be honest and say that I did not align because of its reputation for its lack of extended the love of grace of Jesus Christ. That is sad but true. Some of that has changed over the years, but the denomination still has its own reputation for what it is against rather than what it is for.

I would come to realize when I became a divorced and remarried ordained minister, I would face discrimination from those who once embraced me. More churches have allowed me opportunities to serve than I thought, but finding a place to land is a difficult thing during this season of life.

Because I used to be on the inside as a church staffer, I know how it works. I want to find a church that will allow me to use my gifts, but many pastors will hold a few things against me. First of all, I cannot attend all services because I have a round trip of 4 hours when I drop my kids off when I get to see them. Most pastors would deem me unfaithful and disqualified to serve in their churches. Some would go so far as to limit what I could do if I could faithfully attend every service. It’s not that I am unwilling, but this is what I face within my denomination.

I am really torn in this season of my life. Helpful and kind words would be appreciated. God bless all who read this blog with the understanding that I love the people with whom I disagree, but the issues still remain.


One thought on “Is Divorce the Scarlet “D”?

  1. I will pray that you make it through this tough season and emerge on the other side stronger than you were before.

    Whether you, or anyone else for that matter, understands why God put them on the path He put them on, it is all for His glory and according to His plan.

    Who knows how many people your story will touch?

    Stay strong and keep the faith.

    God bless,


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