Where’s the Love?


Have you ever gone to church expecting an ordinary Sunday and God surprises you? It isn’t the surprise you wanted, but it was the surprise you needed. That happened to me this week.

Although it was Valentine’s Day (and yes I remembered and gave my wife a gift), I was not really thinking about hearing a message from I Corinthians 13. Most every preacher goes there on such an occasion. However, the message I heard bore the title “Without Love”. At the end of the message, I could not help but go forward and pray because I knew what it was like to operate without love in certain areas in my life.

Is there anyone in your life right now that you do not love? Maybe it’s someone who abused you. Someone at work who annoys you. Someone in your church who just gets on your nerves.

I’m going to be real with you and tell you that I have encountered lots of people I did not love. As a minister, it was easy to love the people who encouraged me. I can honestly tell you that I did not love those who caused me grief and trouble. Some of you are thinking, “You’re a preacher. You’re supposed to love everybody.” Well, you’re not a preacher and you’re still supposed to love all people. When Jesus commanded people to love their enemies, He wasn’t just talking to preachers.

Where is the love? God has to cultivate it as you walk with Him. So, will you and I choose to continue to operate without love for the unlovable or will we grow in the love of God?


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