Saturday Rant: Church Signs


Have you ever driven past a church, read the sign out front and wondered, “What were they thinking?” You have probably seen messages like this: “If you think hell is hot, come see our preacher.” Or you have seen the signs that have received worldwide publicity because they are so controversial. To keep in line with words that start with “c”, some are controversial while others are corny. The question is, “What are you trying to accomplish with your church sign?” Is it a tool to make Christians feel warm and fuzzy, or is it a tool to let the community know you exist for them?

I hope your answer is the second one. Most unbelievers ride by and do not understand. If you are not relevant, they will more than likely not give your church a chance. If you use your sign as a tool to communicate events for the community and messages they understand, people are more likely to at least come to your advertised event.

So, think twice before you put a message on your church sign 😀.


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