Where is Home?

For those who have known me a long time, you may think that my poor sense of direction has once again taken over. Those who have known how many times I’ve moved around probably just think I’m confused and will never settle in a particular area. The ones who have been closest to me know my affinity for the upstate of South Carolina. Please do not misinterpret what I am saying because I love people from every area where I have lived, but where I live now will be home to me for many reasons.

When I came to this area in 2009, I came to a church that immediately embraced me and my family. We were never treated like outsiders. They loved me through a difficult time in 2012 and again through my separation, divorce, and what felt like the end of my ministry. When I returned, they never asked questions but loved me when I needed it most.

It is now 2 years after my return, and God has given me an even greater love for this area. I have ministered in 2 other churches since my return, ministered to numerous families as a hospice chaplain, and met the lady I prayed for. We are now married and have a little one on the way.

As great as this area is with its lakes and ease of access to the mountains, it cannot compare to the home that Jesus prepared for me because I placed my trust in Him. He paid the price, conquered death, and offers His free gift of salvation to all who will turn from their sin to Him.

This area is only my temporary home. My citizenship, according to Philippians 3:21, is in Heaven. I’m just here for a little while.

So while I’m here in my temporary home, I want to make my life count for my Lord. I don’t want to waste time. I’m here for a purpose. When I die and go to my heavenly home, I want to serve my Savior until my last breath. After that, I will worship Him for all eternity.


5 thoughts on “Where is Home?

  1. Amen. My family has driven through a corner of the that state traveling to and from the mountains of western North Carolina; absolutely beautiful. I am grateful that the Lord has introduced us today via WordPress, brother. Looking forward to learning more about the function God has fashioned for you in this glorious Body of Christ.

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