One Day at a Time

Since I resigned my vocational church job in September, things have been interesting. I have preached twice, led worship a few times, and played the piano where needed. On most Sundays, I’m worshiping at a different church. As much as I would like to land in a particular church, God has not made it clear. Until then, I will seek His plan and then surrender when He makes it clear.

Life is all about one day at a time. I was introducing myself to a new hospice family recently. I shared my story briefly. I said something shocking in that visit: “I can’t walk in yesterday’s or tomorrow’s obedience; I must walk in today’s obedience.” It sounds simple, and it is. But I struggle with wanting the full picture NOW!

Some people have tried to tell me that God won’t use me now that I am a divorced and remarried man. I told God a long time ago that I would let Him decide that. So when opportunities like the one pictured below come along, I gladly walk through that door God has opened with the full understanding that God didn’t “uncall” me. He will use me as He chooses, and I will obey.



11 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Again I am with Patrick here. God will surely use a divorced person. He makes quite full use of both my wife and I. This is time two for us each.

  2. Praise God! I love your boldness. We all need to be bold for Christ. You know, I think about the 12 disciples and how God used them individually in their calling. Each of them had a personality trait that may have gotten them in trouble. Trust your walk in Him and God will deliver. Thank you so very much for sharing. Please continue because I love reading your posts and I get encourage from them. By the way, the physical church is where we serve each other but the body of believers is the true church.

  3. Obedience always better than sacrifice. Life does not have meaning juts on big stages and huge things but even in the little that will bless such a soul

  4. “But I struggle with wanting the full picture NOW!”

    We all do! I keep reminding my children that God never stops moving, even if we don’t see Him moving things with our eyes. I remind myself of the same thing, day by day and hour by hour (sometimes minute by minute). We are children, after all.

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