Short-term assignments

imageIt used to bother me that I had several places on my ministerial resume. That fact has also bothered a lot of pastors and Search committees because they think I just hop around.

Some of you may be in the same boat. You have moved around more than you planned. The truth is that God has wired you differently. Your mission is to go to a particular organization for a season. You’re not going to be the man or woman who has the record stay at a place. You go in for the purpose of addressing some things that need to be put in order, weeding out some “bad apples”, or just providing a season of stability and healing that a work environment needs after someone almost ruined morale for good.

I have done the things I mentioned above. I am currently not in a capacity to do so, and I’m okay with that. It honestly takes a lot of energy. I am taking a season of healing that I should have taken when I left the pastorate.

Leaders know the feeling of pouring your life into someone with few pouring back into you. That’s the nature of the beast. You have to intentionally take time for your own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. If you don’t, you will crash. I can testify.

Don’t apologize for who you are! Because you are someone who is great at short-term assignments for a purpose, you will probably not get the most coveted job around. You will, however, be placed somewhere where you can make a difference for a season. You may be there 1-2 years, but you’ll leave your mark.

Some of the greatest leaders in history are unknown. They are the ones who paved the way for those who got the credit. It takes a man or woman of humility to accept that.

My thoughts are many on this subject. People may mistake or underestimate your value and calling, but God doesn’t. He made you this way for a reason, so buckle up and get ready for an adventure!


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