Can God Use Me?

This is a valid question that many of us have. Maybe you have lived a rough life and think God won’t use you. Maybe you’re like me, have experienced divorce, and people tell you that God won’t use you anymore. God can and will use anyone He chooses.

Some would say that God doesn’t use people who have sinned. Obviously, they have twisted Scripture to guilt trip people. In my ignorance, I used to preach that God would only use “clean vessels”. But how clean is clean? The problem is that man sets the standard.

During the spring of 2012, I had the opportunity to preach and God laid this subject on my heart. Those who watch my old sermons on YouTube have commented that this is their favorite message of mine. I pray that God will use it to show you that God can use you or cause you to repent for putting limitations on God. I’ve always said that God used a donkey in the book of Numbers to speak and still uses them today. No one is beyond the power and reach of God!


3 thoughts on “Can God Use Me?

  1. beautifully said…and though i’ve not been divorced, i have a child who went through a terrible one…she is now in ministry and thriving…God has a way of turning bad things into beautiful ones…you sound like you’re a beautiful reflection of His handiwork! those naysayers have a lot to answer for…keep doing what you’re called to do and continue loving as you do. the world needs more like you and less judgmental critics, especially from the church. blessings!

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