Love Ain’t No Hallmark Movie!

A beautiful lady is living her dream climbing the corporate ladder. Muscular man is living the single life he wants. Both secretly are looking for love. They meet and sparks ignite. She gets an opportunity to move away because of a job promotion. He chooses to continue to live his comfortable self-absorbed life until he realizes he can’t live without this beautiful lady, so he interrupts her plane ride to pour out his feelings and both live happily ever after. That’s how everyone’s love story goes, right? Wrong!!!

A lot of people try to chase this dream and even manipulate circumstances to live this out but find that after the tingles wear off, two hopelessly flawed people remain. The love story with the juicy plot is nothing more than that. Many people end up disappointed because life doesn’t work this way. So what do we do? Play the field? Jump from relationship to relationship, making it a recreational sport? These things will leave you empty.

It begins with choosing the right person. There is a right person and many wrong people. Many marriages and relationships have been put together by people because God’s plan was never considered. Even with that right person, life will happen. You will disagree. Work, parenting, and all kinds of other things could steal your joy. You will have to work hard to have a selfless relationship.

The problem is that many men and women want what they want and expect the other to worship them. You will find that one person will do all the giving while the other does all the taking. These one-sided relationships tend to end in divorce, and the Hallmark love story doesn’t have a happy ending. 

What kind of love is real? The love of Jesus is a love that gives. Romans 5:8 says that God demonstrates His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Love gives! I Corinthians 13 describes love. Love is at its best when you and I are more concerned for others than self. 

If you are single, stop trying to create a fairy tale. If you are married, stop expecting a fairy tale. Just demonstrate love! You won’t feel tingles up and down your spine around the clock, but you will sacrifice your selfishness because your husband or wife means the world to you.


One thought on “Love Ain’t No Hallmark Movie!

  1. Great word! Many of us need to be reminded of this. Today’s culture is very self-centered and about getting what they want instead of giving to others to receive what they need. It is important that we not get caught up in the movies and what someone is playing in their minds of how it should be. God has already written the greatest love story of all, giving Himself for us. It wasn’t easy. Filled with heartfelt tears, He gave so we could, too. Thank you!

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