Church Idols

I know what you’re thinking – “my church doesn’t have idols; we’re all about Jesus.” You may not be as much about Jesus as you think. Here are some idols that come to mind:

Furniture. How sacred do you consider the furniture in your church building to be? One pastor wanted to put chairs in the sanctuary, and a member rose up against it because he said pews are sacred. Since when? The early church had no such luxuries and got along fine with a word from God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Other such items are pulpits, Windows, communion tables, etc. If the work of God is being accomplished, it doesn’t matter if your pulpit is wooden, plexiglass, or you don’t have one at all. Nevertheless, people exalt organs, pews, steeples, and anything else you can imagine and would leave a church over that before they would for legitimate reasons.

Music. This is a hot button. People from various musical preferences will fight to tell you their favorite style is sacred. Music has changed with EVERY generation. It has NEVER been sacred. It’s the message that matters. I have styles of church music I love and some I despise, but I will not crusade on such a wasted topic. People are dying and going to hell while church members are fussing over traditional vs. contemporary. Music is not our enemy; the devil is!

Schedules. I know this is another thing that is sensitive. Because someone came up with the idea that churches should have Sunday school, AM, PM, and Wednesday services, this stuck and became an idol. There is nothing spiritual about you or me sitting in a building for an hour if we leave the same and don’t obey the Bible. There is nothing wrong with taking one of those times to do community outreach rather than sit and listen. Statistically, more people are home on Sunday nights relaxing than any other night. Jesus told us to go to them. They will more than likely not come to us. If the church is worshiping, discipling, fellowshiping, ministering, and reaching out, the schedule doesn’t matter. It is not sacred! Most churches today meet at the idolized times and are dying because they aren’t doing squat to reach anybody. 

Sure, we are great at criticizing churches that don’t do things the way our church does it. So what? If people are surrendering to Christ, being baptized, and growing in their faith, we should celebrate. A mega church is currently building a new campus near us. I hear so many complaints about it. Do I agree with everything the pastor and the church do? No, but I will focus more on what I am doing or not doing for the Lord. I will have to answer for me when I stand before the Lord. Christians should not be each other’s worst enemy. So let’s get our eyes off the religious idols and get to business? Can I get an “Amen” followed by some obedience?


7 thoughts on “Church Idols

  1. Amen, brother. The Church is the Body of Christ – church is not a building or something we do certain days of the week. Note that Scriptures such as Matt. 24:8-12 and Colossians 3:16 disturb many who are in “church administration” or who see themselves as the teachers.

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  3. Amen and yes! Wondered about many of the same things. In the Old Testament, God did have sacred things such as the Ark and the tablets, etc. However, with the Resurrection of Christ, the old was done away with. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great post. Interesting points made particularly doing something for Christ after the message “obedience”. Equipping the saints for the work of ministry is what we do at church. But the ministry work begins we we take the Gospel into the world. Eph 4:11-12

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