Public Prayers

I recently read a statement against public prayers, citing Jesus’ rebuke of the Pharisees in Matthew 6. This was never meant to say that someone could not publish a prayer or pray in public. I have gleaned a great deal from reading the prayer journals of others. I have also been blessed by those who have prayed aloud with me. I understand that God is the recipient of prayers. However, we should never twist Scripture to promote a legalistic or holier-than-thou thought. The purpose was intent. The Bible is full of the prayers of others that were recorded for our benefit. Maybe God will use your prayer life to minister to someone else while bringing glory to God in the process.


2 thoughts on “Public Prayers

  1. Ha, I did more than read a comment; I was actually rebuked by a militant atheist over the issue of public prayer. They obviously bothered this person, as does any outward expression for faith. In the same conversation I was told I could believe whatever I wanted to do, but just needed to shut up about it. That’s a quote, by the way. “Believe what you want, but just SHUT UP!” He then went on use the very Scriptures he denies to be true to rebuke me for not living in accordance with them. Huh?

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