Is Your Church the Only Right Church?

I was thinking about reasons why many leave the church after they graduate high school. Something crossed my mind that has not before. I believe that some leave after high school because they have been told that the church they attend is the only church that does things right, and all other churches are headed to hell in a hand basket. I have heard adults say such things. 

The truth is that students think for themselves. They have the ability to dig in the Bible and realize that other churches exist that do things right. It may not be exactly the way your church does it, but they are still following God’s will.

We can give children principles, but ultimately they should think for themselves using Scripture. Don’t drive them away from church altogether because of a critical spirit against other Christians who may not agree with you on everything. No church is a perfect church. If it was before you and I got there, we ruined it by being imperfect people.


8 thoughts on “Is Your Church the Only Right Church?

  1. When we are legalistic, it kills. The law kills but the Spirit gives life. Too often we are full of pride in following outward things, attending church, reading the Bible, etc. but have a heart that is far from God. There is no intimacy that changes us from the inside. Our attitude of religious pride is no different from the Pharisees. Young adults are attracted to vibrant life.

  2. I love my church and no it isn’t perfect. We believe that God is Sovereign and the Bible is the Word of God is inerrant in its content. We hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as we believe it codifies what we believe the Bible teaches. We have an appreciation for church history. Our church is very diverse and I am glad God placed me here. I’m also glad that we are just one local church and there are some all over the world who are striving to teach and preach the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ.

    For more as to how I got here, read my first two posts : Why Sit We Here Until We Die? and It’s Not Just Black and White.

  3. Thanks for writing this message. I recently had a conversation with another Christian who told me the reasons I am having so many troubles is because I do not belong to The True Church. It would have been easy for me to argue with this person but I chose not to realizing that it would have been a waste of time and that nothing I said was going to be received by them. To me Jesus is the only way for He said it Himself that He is the way the truth and the light. All this division amongst His children is heartbreaking.

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