Are Revivals for Today?

Years ago, churches would have nightly meetings with a guest preacher that would last a week or more. In recent days, they have been cut back to Sunday thru Wednesday if at all. People are extremely busy, so it seems useless to some to even bother scheduling services with such an emphasis. Some people think that only those who are 60 and above who aren’t afraid to drive at night will attend.

My family and I attended one this week. The music was contemporary and relevant while the preaching was convicting and the Spirit of God was welcome to do His perfect work. I am typing this with thoughts that I will miss going back tomorrow. I have been to few of these meetings that were like this one. No one seemed to be in a hurry to get out. 

There are still those who want more than just the regular predictable church. They want a meaningful encounter with the Lord. You can call it revival or whatever you want, but we desperately need an awakening of some sort. Will you join me in pleading with God to move like He did in the early church?


3 thoughts on “Are Revivals for Today?

  1. Yes, yes, and more yes. In fact, the need for revival is greater now than every before.
    We have always had one a year for the time I have been around, usually in the summer. Ha, last year I surprised em and made a motion at business meeting that we have a fall one too. What could they say? I mean, who is going to oppose having church. But, they were blessed and we will probably keep doing a spring/summer one and fall one now.

  2. Yes, I have been praying for a revival, but a God-produced revival, not one of our manufactured revivals that we hold maybe once a year with the out-of-town guest speaker. I have been to many. But a true revival is God – breathed, and more likely not just happening in one church, but the Spirit of God may be moving all over. So, yes I am praying that God will move, raise up men to preach the uncompromised Word, and that we the church will repent for losing our salt and light.

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