Church culture has no consideration for those outside the church when we speak. We use the craziest words and phrases. I’m all about being different in some ways as a Christian, but there is a line to be drawn somewhere.

Twenty-first century people are not as churches as those of the previous century. I have seen a major shift in the last few decades. Let me share a few examples.

1. The words “saved”, “born again”, and similar phrases need more explanation than previously. 

2. “We had some real good fellowship at the church last night.” Most unchurched people don’t have a clue what fellowship is.

3. When you call someone brother or sister, I’m sure they’re not saying what they’re really thinking. “You ain’t my brother.” (I’ve thought that about a few people within churches who proclaim to be Christians.)

There are so many other phrases that church people that I question if they mean like “glad to see you”, “let me know if I can do anything for you”, or “I’ll be praying for you”. Church people know the right things to say, but please mean it! Your sincerity or lack thereof could be the only impression of Christianity they have. Make it a good one!


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