When Preachers Weren’t Celebrities

Early this morning, I was called out to the family of a loved one who just passed away. Tons of family members were present as they awaited the funeral home to arrive. I knew this man had been a pastor for nearly 48 years, but I didn’t know the lengths he went to preach God’s Word. The family shared with me that he would walk for 3 hours (in another country) to get to where he would preach. Here in the US, he was known to walk a good distance also. 

He was never a mega church pastor. He never made a lot of money. He was not the recipients of man’s applause, but I would safely assume he received a big welcome home when he left his sick body to enter into the presence of His Savior.

We so easily build our kingdoms (or attempt it). We want people to be impressed with our accomplishments. We want to be liked. The list about us goes on and on.

But there is a greater kingdom. It is God’s. He is not concerned about the monument you built unto yourself. Money, crowds, and accolades do not matter to Him. He wants your obedience, even if you never receive your reward on earth. Even if you don’t make much money. Even if you may die for your faith. 

What do you want more: popularity or the joy of knowing you honored the Lord? You can choose. One will fade, and the other will last forever.


13 thoughts on “When Preachers Weren’t Celebrities

  1. We have a Hollywood mentality that seeps into our Christian media participation. Not that there is no place for being up front and center when God calls one to that, but attitude is so important.

  2. good post…too many hollywood preachers out there…things need to be done with a kingdom mentality, not a “me first” mentality…it’s tough to find churches with pastors like this lovely man you spoke of these days…it’s nice to hear about them and the legacy they left for others to follow…
    i enjoyed your story a lot…thanks for sharing it …

  3. So true! Some of the greatest men of the church had small churches. If I remember correctly, Andrew Fuller never pastored a church of over 200 people. Yet, he was one of the most influential men in the globalization of Missions.

    Your story of the man walking two hours to church. Reminded me of my grandfather. He Was a pastor and He and his family would walk for many hours on Sundays so he could preach.

  4. It is easy to see when pastors have a heart for the Lord. When I hear people praising a new minister, it makes me leery. The praise should go to God. If the pastor gives a good message, it is okay to tell him you connected with it and thank him for bringing it, but the praise for the message goes to God.
    I liked your post.
    Thanks for reading my blog.

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