“Friends” (A Lunch Break Meditation)

For many years, I didn’t let people get very close to me. I didn’t trust many people. Some people had betrayed me, so I had a wall up. Eventually, I realized that I had to let the wall down in order to minister effectively. My greatest “friends” were pastors and church leaders who said they would stand by me “come hell or high water”. Where are they now? I learned that if I couldn’t do anything for them or they didn’t have to contact me, I was no longer of value. 

My circle of friends has changed now. There are those who have stuck with me for severa years. I don’t see them frequently, but we always pick up where we left off. Some are new. Some are people I least expected. The possibility is that anything could happen to sever those ties, but God gives grace to move forward and new people to fill those gaps.

I am constantly reminded that Jesus is the greatest Friend I have. He has never failed me nor will he ever. Focus on Him. People will disappoint you and stab you in the back. Don’t become a hermit! Just realize that people are people and move on.

I want to leave you with a song. The lyrics will minister to you.

2 thoughts on ““Friends” (A Lunch Break Meditation)

  1. LOVE this song one of my favorites! Be comforted in knowing that He has a greater plan and purpose. Thank God for sending these people in your lives. God bless!!

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