Your Spouse Is Not a Commodity

As time goes by, I see a dangerous trend in relationships – the other person is used strictly for what he/she can give while the other is always on the receiving end. Relationships are not about taking. Someone once told me that relationships are not 50-50. Both people give 100%. Let me explain this a little.

Your spouse was not designed to be your cook or maid. It’s nice that one may perform those duties, but I have seen in my personal experience that together works better than solo. I know this goes against southern American traditional spousal roles, but that is man made culture. You don’t lose man points for washing dishes or doing laundry. Men just might be amazed at how their wives would respond if they did these kinds of things.

Your spouse is not designed for your personal pleasure. I’m not saying that sex isn’t a part of marriage, but you won’t get anywhere by demanding you receive pleasure and you’re not willing to reciprocate. I’m not being crude here. I see too many couples that have one party that is selfish. If you want to ruin your marriage, treat your spouse like a sex object and not a person. 

Your spouse is not a paycheck. He/she is a person. Don’t let him/her bring in all the money and you spend it and some. Don’t rack up credit card bills while the other person is working hard to make ends meet. You don’t need fancy clothes, a nice car, or certain material possessions. The bare necessities are just fine.

These are just a few things that I have seen ruin marriages. These principles do not just apply to a young generation. Older people are selfish too. If you are going to function selfishly, become selfless or stay out of a relationship until you grow up.

8 thoughts on “Your Spouse Is Not a Commodity

  1. Amen! None of this 50-50 stuff, we have to give 100%, sometimes remembering that Christ gave His all for us. Marriage can be amazing, but it does take some sacrificial love and a willingness to set yourself aside once in a while. If both people are doing that, you become unstoppable and the blessings are rich, indeed. 🙂

  2. Older people are selfish too.
    ^ Yyyep. My ex is in his 50s and treated me like I existed solely to meet his needs. (More on that in upcoming chapters.)
    If you are going to function selfishly, become selfless or stay out of a relationship until you grow up.
    ^ Amen! I couldn’t agree more.

  3. My wife works with a lot of younger women. Conversations inevitably include the dating scene. Some have stopped dating altogether, because it seems, and I’d have to agree, most guys are pigs. One treated the first date more like a job interview, opening a lot of topics that are incredibly personal, including favorite techniques in bed!

    With so many horror stories like this, I’ll say it again; unfortunately, most guys are pigs.

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