Scared Preachers

I was speaking with a pastor friend of mine today about life and ministry. We get together on occasions and have these talks. These talks tend to expose things, but I never leave discouraged. I leave encouraged because this man is a likeminded brother in Christ. 

Our topic of conversation led to what I am going to discuss here. We were discussing how the church has become so weak, anemic, and pathetic because people spend more time worrying about what the church bylaws say than what the Word of God says. Who cares if people are dying and going to hell as long as we have regular business meetings that accomplish nothing? God knows we have to waste time because we’re about the Lord’s business. That’s not His business! The Great Commission is the Lord’s business.

We also discussed that we can’t blame church stagnation on church members alone. Pastors are often the cause. They won’t do anything new because they might upset some people, they weren’t taught that way in seminary, or the older people who are the tithers might leave. They’re not going anywhere, so be bold and obey God. The early disciples weren’t concerned about job security. Thank God! Preachers would rather have 3 services a week where they are the center of attention than equip saints and win unbelievers to Christ. Then they sit around and criticize their church because nothing is happening. It’s not rocket science! Dear pastor, if all you’re doing is lecturing people 3 times a week, no wonder nothing is happening. If your calendar is consumed with meetings that are all talk and no action, meetings to put out fires, or the same things that were on the church calendar 10 years ago, you’re headed for the graveyard. Dear pastor, you are not called to be a chaplain who runs to people when they have an upset stomach or an ingrown toenail. You are called to preach the Word, pray, and give Christians the tools they need to grow up from the spiritual infancy that most church members still enjoy.

If you are a pastor who is operating by fear of the unknown today, may you be set free in Jesus’ name. Some may leave. So be it! Find the joy in obeying God rather than fearing men.

5 thoughts on “Scared Preachers

  1. Sounds like a call to action to me. It is necessary to equip the saints to walk in maturity. I do find that there are quite a few people who still need the pastor’s okay to walk in love and obedience. We have gotten to the point where we must get the pastor’s approval. Not sure where all this is leading to except as you say to a toddlers who still need milk. People are hurting and crying out. At some point, we have to give them the Word that helps them grow in Christ.

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