That Won’t Happen to Me!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that arrogant statement. “I’ll have all the sex I want and not get pregnant. That only happens to irresponsible people who don’t take precautions.” “I’ll never get an STD!” “I can hold my liquor, so I would NEVER get in an accident and kill somebody.” I’m sure you’ve heard it all.

It happens in religious circles too. I worked with a pastor once who made the statement to me that any pastor who got fired from a church obviously did something wrong and led me to believe he had all the answers, so it would never happen to him. I can tell you that many godly men are fired from churches constantly over stupid things like not visiting enough (what is enough? Daily isn’t enough for some people.), using too much Scripture in sermons (imagine a preacher using the Bible when he preaches?), or even being sick. One pastor was fired because he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When he got out of the hospital, the church demanded he get out of the parsonage. But things like that would never happen to you, right?

This sickening mentality goes all the way back to the Bible. The problem was that this mentality was not from unbelievers. They were too excited about the change Jesus made in their life. It came from the religious crowd, and Jesus never took it sitting down. If you ever wonder why I blog the way I do, it’s because “religious” people need to quit their whining and hypocrisy. They’ll lie and tell you they don’t drink and then drive 45 miles out of town to go to an ABC store where they think no one will see them. They’ll tell you all the things that do and don’t do, thinking that will somehow impress you. The truth is that it makes God sick. They look down upon addicts and blame the parents for not raising their children right until it happens to one of their kids. But that will never happen to you, right?WRONG!

We are all prone to experience the worst of things. The ones who look down on me as a divorced and remarried minister could easily experience what I did. I see the same patterns in their marriage. But I won’t be the one saying, “I told you so.” I’ll be the guy who knows the pain and will be there. I hope that, by God’s grace, I won’t be a part of the glorious gossip group who speaks against these two whose marriage was devoured by the enemy.

Don’t let arrogance and pride dupe you into thinking you’re above that. Quit strutting around like “Holy Harry” and carry around a humble spirit. That could be you experiencing the most hellacious event of your life. Remember that!


12 thoughts on “That Won’t Happen to Me!

  1. Oh, amen! I love this. That religious spirit is sure to always get my hackles up. I try to remember that Christ Himself dealt with these things, that the few times he gets angry, in the temple, when speaking to the pharisees (and vipers,) those are religious people he is addressing. In the book of revelation when Christ returns He has a bone to pick with the churches, not with the non believers, the sinners and, “those kind of people,” but with us.

  2. Ah, pride! It goes before the fall. Judgment is left to God. Anyone who sees themselves as anything other than a sinner who needs forgiveness and mercy, is on a slippery slope indeed. When each of us stands before Christ after our death we will hear either of two things from Him: “I know you.” or “I know you not.” Our resume of life will be written on our hearts. Our time in this world is our proving ground. Whatever mercy Christ measures out to us will be dependent upon the mercy we measured out to others.
    Great post. Time for many to wake up. Christianity is to be the refuge of a world gone mad. But how can it be if its custodians are of the world and not simply in it.

  3. wow!!! this should be announced on a loud speaker on every street corner as well as read in every church!
    it’s so sad that finger pointing is so prevalent in religious circles…when you hear it over and over where ever you go, in every church circle, it gets boring and makes it easier to leave and never go back…
    i really hope things begin to change…it’s getting old…
    sorry you had to deal with those critics…how dare they! i hope and pray your words here and where ever you teach/preach are heard loud and clear!
    this is refreshing and it’s a def game changer for those who will choose to not follow the crowd, but be a freedom fighter and a reformer!
    i hope and pray God keeps me in check…it’s a scary place to end up when steeped in pride and passing judgement, while saying “not me, it would never happen to me”…as you said, “They look down upon addicts and blame the parents for not raising their children right until it happens to one of their kids. But that will never happen to you, right?WRONG!”… that was an eye opener!
    thank you for your words of wisdom…

  4. Only God can truly humble us, and he knows how to orchestrate it. I believe we are either professing believers or possessing believers and that the difference is not merit, but the grace of God who awakened them, converted them by taking out their heart of stone and giving them a heart of flesh, which makes us want and empowers us to live obediently. If that does not happen, we are still dead, and need to desperately seek God to save us.

  5. Some of my worst “political” experiences have been in church! It seems to me people control so little of their lives, church is the one place they can attempt to impose their will without getting fired.

    Not all churches nor all the time, but you article here seems to say it isn’t just me…

  6. I love the way you blog because the truth is the truth. Once being the victim of domestic violence, I was told by a pastor to stay and figure out how to help my ex. No one in the religious circle would acknowledge possession (yes possession and it is real). While I was still young in the faith somewhat, I believed that God didn’t want that for me. My first divorce. I take ownership of my part. I wasn’t waiting on God. I will tell you though that the enemy was seriously trying to take me out (revealed by the Holy Spirit). I learned early that even when you think you are doing everything right, along comes a situation where you understand what salvation is all about. You keep preaching the truth and I will keep receiving the truth. Be led by the Holy Spirit and speak the Word in season and out of season.

  7. Excellent post! After I experienced divorce myself and some other unlovely experiences in my life…My attitude towards others who had experienced similar problems changed. I was no longer judgmental but full of empathy and understanding. There are many who need to be broken by God so that they may also show mercy, love and understanding to others rather than point fingers in judgment. Thanks for posting…

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