On This Day

I love how Facebook always you to see things you posted on this day since you’ve been on Facebook. There are times when I delete certain things. You can erase history on Facebook, but you can’t in real life (I’ll leave this principle for another post😀).

One year ago today, I did something crazy. A co-worker of mine invited me to a Nerium party (skin care product – not so much a man-thing) to meet her friend, Jennifer. I end up being the only guy, and my co-worker and later to be mother-in-law eased out. Now I’m there with this lady I just met and her two kids. We talked for a long time and hit it off.

God intervened and sent me the lady I needed. I had just told someone I was not going to get into a relationship until I found someone who loves Jesus without me. We are now married and will have our own child next month. His reminder to me was to wait because His plan is best. I know we hate waiting, but a bad decision could screw up your life.

Once again, I have a song for those who are in God’s waiting room. May it minister to you!


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