Is Donald Trump a Christian?

I had to blog this because I am a fruit inspector and can tell you exactly who is saved and who is not. So here is my answer from all that I have received based upon my direct line to God…NOT!!!!!!

I have seen so much dialog about this subject in the last 12-24 hours. Dr. James Dobson has made a statement of Trump’s recent conversion. It is not my job nor anyone else’s to judge (yes judge) the genuineness of his conversion!!! 

This judgmental spirit is what is killing most of our churches today. We sit around in our self-righteous circles trying to judge who is saved and who is not instead of praying for them, speaking the truth in love to them, and trying to restore them if they have drifted away. How dare we? Then we sit around wondering why people won’t attend our church – The First Church of the Holier-Than-Thou Who Looketh Down Upon Thee If Thou Dost Not Act Like I, Inc. I dare you to search the Bible to find that mentality coming from Jesus. You won’t find it! It comes from religious people who do the right things, don’t do the wrong things, who were truly not saved. 

It is not my job to say that Donald Trump has or has not experienced a true conversion. My job right now is to pray. What happened to the “United” States of America, the place where people would unite and stand behind a candidate? The union is gone. People in both parties are too busy bickering (I guess that’s the new union of the dissatisfied). There was a generation who would have been bold and risen to the top rather than hide behind their social media (which sounds like that’s what I’m doing). I know people right now who have already chosen not to vote rather than stand for something. But I guarantee I will hear them complain about whoever ends up in office.

Bottom line – Don’t judge someone’s standing with God! It’s not our place. PRAY! LOVE! RESTORE!


20 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump a Christian?

  1. Amen!!! I have a friend that I have to constantly remind not to judge others, but to simply pray for themselves as well as the other. She reminds me she is saved and I tell her well your words you write cut like a knife. I remind her to ask God for grace before she writes because she says the Lord has impressed on her to share what she writes. I don’t deny that but her writings ares sometimes very judgmental, hurtful, and angry.
    I completely agree with your post. You’re not hiding behind a computer, this is your blog and you’re using it to reach out to others you wouldn’t normally see on a daily basis. Preach on brother!! 😊👍☝❤

    1. Thanks, Andi! Praying for your friend also. It’s easy to let our emotions come out in blogs. I’m thankful that you love this friend enough to speak to her personally. I wish more of us would speak directly to people rather than about them.

      1. That seems to be my downfall, speaking the truth to others, bcz most become offended. I don’t say it in a mean way, I simply say don’t do what I’ve done or did. But some come to me when they want an honest, non-judgmental answer. Which I’m happy to do. Thank u for praying for her as well.

      2. I know from personal experience that the truth hurts no matter how loving the delivery may be. Our maturity is reflected in what we do with that truth. Do we stay offended or act upon it? I’ve discovered that many don’t want truth. Our sinful nature prefers to go on the way we always have. I could go on and on, but I’ll pause for now😀.

  2. “I had to blog this because I am a fruit inspector and can tell you exactly who is saved and who is not.”

    You’re not really a fruit inspector, right? One of those guys at the border who inspects your car for any illegal agriculture? Because those people drive me crazy! Once I had to sit down and eat six bananas.

    1. HA! I had to tell them I had Michigan Apples in the car going into California! Okay, off topic. I do believe we are to judge fruit and not just accept everything that comes down the pipe. But someone’s eternal standing is definitely above my pay grade.

  3. It’s biblical to pray for rulers, and somehow we forget. We get so caught up in worshiping our own agendas and candidates, we forget a) God sent His Son to save everyone (John 3:16), b) not to judge anyone (John 3:17) and c) there is still only One God we’re supposed to worship.

    Great post, Matthew. We need to be reminded of this, and often!

  4. This post is so on-time. “Fruit-inspector” is what we ARE NOT!!! GOD is the only true and righteous judge. There is a blogger that comes to my site (I really hopes she reads this) and comments about how the Holy Spirit nudges her to tell me I’m out of alignment with a post about this or that…..HOGWASH/BALONEY. I really don’t have much time or tolerance for that kind of nonsense. Someone I used to date would often tell me… “the Lord told me to tell you this or that.” My response: There’s something strange about that because HE just told me to ask you when did HE tell you that! That often shuts down some of the “dumbness” that is #MUCHTOODEEP. Great Post!

    1. I disagree with not being a fruit inspector.
      That’s exactly how we judge – by their fruits you will know them.
      When a tree professes to be an apple tree and you observe it producing pears you know it’s either confused or lying.

      Is the nonsense with regards to what the person is saying… or is it with regards to the Holy Spirit?

      1. The problem is that WE ARE NOT the true and righteous judge and our judgment is so subjective. Everything you see…is not what you see at all. Because our “eyesight” as Christians is so limited, we are unable to… 1.) see the true intention of the person, 2.) see the person/situation as God sees it, 3.) see beyond the “plank in our own eyes. Too often we as Christians want others to “walk” exactly like we walk but God-forbid if that walk is not exactly like said Christian thinks it should be, then that person is out of alignment. There is more I can say but hopefully you’ll get the gest of what I’m saying…..

      2. I appreciate your thoughtful response and I do understand what you’re saying.

        True, God is the ultimate judge; however, He has given us the authority to judge and to judge righteously. It doesn’t mean we will be perfect starting out, but it’s only through process that we are perfected – meaning we have to continuously practice righteous judgments.

        “Do you not know that the saints (the believers) will [one day] judge and govern the world? And if the world [itself] is to be judged and ruled by you, are you unworthy and incompetent to try [such petty matters] of the smallest courts of justice?” See 1 Corinthians 6 for context.

        God has given you much more credit than you are affording yourself. You’re a child of the Most High God. A position far greater than Prince William. The King of kings(<–that's you, little king) expects you to learn from now how to execute righteous judgements.
        One way as you've pointed out is knowing that the same measure/standard by which we judge others, is the same we should apply and expect to apply to us.

        Have a blessed week.

  5. You said a mouthful there. I have to say that I will vote and that it will not be for Trump. Based on his behavior I would not trust any conversion. Conversion means change. A sincere conversion would bring forth apologies and restoration to the people he has harmed. I don’t see that. I am not saying that he is not converted, just looking for what comes when it is real. I am disappointed immensely by the this election and the lack of class, moral fortitude and running based on principles of integrity with a true desire to help the people of this country. However, I don’t want to be one of those who doesn’t vote and complain. I will vote for the best candidate based on my own personal perspective and go from there. In the meantime, between time, I will continue to pray for the USA.

    1. Good for you.
      I find it strange and telling how evangelical “leaders” especially are bending over backwards to make it ‘acceptable, righteous, and godly’ to vote for him – a person who sees no need for forgiveness.
      Since when did the republican party become synonymous the party of God. It’s all incredible to me.

  6. Love one another as I God loves you. I agree I believe that God sends his judges the bible shows us that.what ever man may want to believe or understand they need to first go to God for clarification.I pray that God shows all and revivals all and shall the wrong person make it to office pray that God shifts. This world is so wicked right now. That we first need to learn to fast and pray before we learn to judge. We first need to clense oursleves through Jesus Christ. And through Faith we will over come whom ever make it in to office as the bible shows us we may have hardship but he sends help and hears our cries but forst we need to learn how to cry to his ears God bless guys on this thread love you all with the Love of God

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