No Outsiders Welcome!

In the last 18 years, I have lived in more places than I want to admit. Some places have been extremely welcoming. Others have been quite the opposite. Let me give you a few examples. Some of you may relate.

I moved to one place and decided to visit a local eating establishment. Almost everyone turned around to see the “strangers” from out of town. It was like a scene from the old Chevy Chase movie “Funny Farm”. This is the type of place where you are identified by your relatives. If you don’t have family there, you might as well forget it. 

In one of those places, I stayed for a while and pushed through. I was never fully accepted, but I learned to take it for what it was. In another place, the acceptance was by a majority but the challenges were immense.

There’s a spiritual principle here. Before you and I enter a relationship with Christ, the Bible says were are strangers and foreigners. The awesome part is that, in Christ, ALL outsiders are welcome! It doesn’t matter how dirty your past is, Jesus Christ can forgive your sin – past, present, and future – if you but ask Him. You will experience rejection here on earth, but you are accepted in Christ!


2 thoughts on “No Outsiders Welcome!

  1. I remember Greg Mohr teaching that especially for someone like himself with an orphan mentality who always feel like an outsider, it can be a huge mental block truly believing we are fully accepted in the beloved; because even though we know Christ accepts us, somehow for many of us, the full implication and realization that we are no more orphans take an extremely long time to sink in.

    I think this is where meditating and confessing what He says about us out loud to ourselves is really helpful.

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