Our Nation’s Leadership

From the onset, I am not here to point fingers at anyone nor do I wish to side with a party. My reflections on church leadership can easily be reflected in what I have seen in America in my 35 years of living.

You may or may not agree with it, but the leadership styles of our nation’s presidents are much like pastors, and the leadership styles of senators and representatives reflect that of deacons or church boards. Shall I list the styles and see if you notice the similarities.

  • 1. Leaders with their own agenda. I’ve seen good pastors or presidents go in with good intentions while the board or Congress has a separate agenda. Abraham Lincoln quoted Scripture when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” 
  • 2. Leaders who seek to pacify the people. I’ve seen this one way too many times. Puppets on a string with no leadership ability care more about being popular or pleasing a certain group. A leader must have a clear plan of action! Anything else is chaos and confusion!
  • 3. Leaders who put aside personal preference for the good of the whole. When I was a pastor, I did my best to make decisions for the good of the church rather than to make a dominant family in the church happy. When I resigned, some later said I should have stayed. I knew my upcoming divorce was a point of contention, plus I knew that those who disagreed with me would never choose the high road of forgiveness. It was the best thing for me and for the church.

Our nations, our churches, and every existing organization needs #3. Too many selfish people have leadership roles and are not called nor qualified. If you are a leader reading this post, it is high time that you stop trying to please others or push your own agenda. You have an entire organization to consider. That doesn’t mean that some won’t disagree with you. People will always be people.

People, it is time to unite. We must put our differences aside. The modern mentality has given us permission to act like babies. It’s time to grow up, pull together, or wave goodbye to our nation as it goes down the toilet. What’s your choice?


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