Fire in My Bones

Let me just clarify that this is not a racy post! People often equate fire with lust, but that’s not where I’m headed. 

Jeremiah is recorded in the Bible for saying that there was a fire in his bones to deliver God’s message. He tried to do something else, but he couldn’t keep quiet. I understand the feeling.

A few weeks ago, I preached a funeral. It wasn’t like preaching a regular message, but it reignited the fire. I haven’t preached a full message in 9 months. If you are a pastor or preach at all, you can understand how it would drive someone crazy to go that long. I’m on the verge of returning to my preaching roots – nursing home ministry. I can’t hold in the message of the hope and life change that only comes through Jesus Christ.

Every Christian should feel this way. You can’t keep quiet if Jesus has forgiven you. Find a friend. Tell a coworker or family member that they don’t have to go through this life miserably. They can have the love, joy, and peace with the Father through the Lord Jesus. Now go out and let the fire spread!


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