Church Transparency

As I was reading the statements regarding Perry Noble and how NewSpring handled the situation, I was very impressed with the level of transparency and their attempts to restore him. NewSpring has been accused of a lack of transparency, so I am reminded once again that one shouldn’t believe everything he hears๐Ÿ˜€.

When I resigned as a pastor, I did not have the emotional strength to go into all the details of the demise of my marriage. Interestingly enough, someone else decided to private message a bunch of church members on Facebook about it, so it quickly became public knowledge. 

When everything was out, the chairman of deacons stood up the following Sunday and told the congregation I resigned and to ask him questions if they had any. People called me to find out the details. At that point, I was able to begin sharing. No one knew his private decision for me to finish the previous Sunday night nor his personal decision for the church to pay me for the rest of the year and the right to live in the parsonage until I found a job. 

All of this has reminded me that no matter how difficult the truth may be, it must be told. Churches and multiple organizations are great at keeping details from people rather than telling the truth. Anyone who has tried to play the game of coverup knows it only gets harder. The only way to continue is lie upon lie, but the truth has a way of eventually being revealed.

When there is a lack of transparency, there becomes a lack of trust. People will slowly get off board rather than stick with you in full confidence that things are handled with integrity. You may very well sacrifice your entire organization because you want things to look good rather than look real.

The old song says, “Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors”. That’s a lie! God knows it all. One day, we will answer to Him. No coverup attempt will work then. 


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