Always in Need

In the day of self-help and related schools of thought, I realize that I am always in need. I’m not talking about financially (although who of us couldn’t use a few extra dollars?) or physically. God has provided all I need. But there is a realization that I cannot operate without the power of God on my life.

I think about this as I prepare to officiate in the memorial service for my wife’s uncle on Saturday. It doesn’t matter what I do as a minister. I know I cannot do it without the power of God. I never want to be some ego-inflated somebody who forgets that I need the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The same goes for anyone who reads this. When you go to work, you need God’s power. You need God’s power to be a good spouse, a good parent, or any role you fulfill. 

As I close, I would ask for you to pray for me that I might deliver what God wants me to say on Saturday with a spirit of love, humility, and empathy. Most importantly, I want the Lord Jesus Christ to be glorified.


5 thoughts on “Always in Need

  1. Lord, you told us not to worry ever about what to say. You reminded us the Spirit will always give us the right and proper words for any situation, words that will glorify God. Please let Matthew step aside on Saturday and allow Your words to come from his mouth. Let him give comfort to the family of his wife’s uncle; let him shower them with love and compassion; let him glorify our Father in humility, empathy and love.

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