Before you blatantly disagree…

After the latest news on Perry Noble, founding pastor of NewSpring Church, and his addiction to alcohol, I am reminded of how ANY OF US could be in the same boat. Your addiction could be gambling, porn, food, sex, etc. The reality is that addiction is addiction. I want to share some words of caution because we are all weak. I know some of you are thinking, “I can hold my liquor.” My response is, “You can hold it in your left hand or your right.” It could easily hold you. Too many people have told me later how they thought they had things under control until they had dug their hole too deep.

I have many friends who drink every now and then. I am not being critical. Many people know when to stop. I understand my human weakness and choose to abstain. I’m not bragging on my abstinence. I’m bragging on my propensity to addictive behavior (and that’s nothing to brag about).

I write this as a word of warning to people because I want God’s best for you. If you are a friend of mine who falls prey to an addiction, I will still love you and be here for you. But I want you to see the warning signs and take action before things are out of control. As I said, I realize this could be me. The bottom line is that none of us should point the finger because we could be on the other side.


8 thoughts on “Before you blatantly disagree…

  1. It is only the church who wounds their wounded. It would be much better if we would pray for each other and love with compassion. Christ told the woman, who was caught in adultery, “go and sin no more.” Restoration should be our goal

  2. Bickering, back biting, pointing fingers, and letting loose with the tongue are also addictions. We, (the Body) would be wise to keep our judgmental lips zipped and to honestly pray for our fellow brothers and sisters. If one part of the Body is hurting, the whole Body hurts. As you pointed out, my addiction may not be your addiction, but it is nevertheless an addiction. It is nevertheless an IDOL!

  3. Great post. Great comments. Hey nothing is an addiction unless we try a stop it. If we can’t help someone in our own church how can we go and help others.

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