“Fake-ianity”: Who are we trying to convince?

About 20 years ago, I was exposed to the British comedy “Keeping Up Appearances”. The main character, Hyacinth, went to great lengths to impress people and portray a life that far from resembled reality. This is what many aspiring ministers were taught in Bible colleges and seminaries – don’t reveal your humanity; don’t show any signs of weakness; carry yourself in such a way as to cover all your sins so the people at church put you on this pedestal. 

The truth is that this generation is not impressed with this pompous air that Bible colleges and seminaries instilled into the next generation of ministers. They want to relate to their pastor. The sad part is that many professing Christians began to imitate the facade that their pastors presented. The result is churches full of people who fake it at church and drive 45 miles to an ABC store so nobody they know will catch them. 

God’s design is not for us to act holy to impress others. While we can often fool others, we cannot fool God. He knows those who are His. You can’t straddle the fence. God wants all of you. He wants to use the weak parts as well as the parts HE has strengthened. 

There is so much fake that it’s difficult to distinguish the real deal. Release yourself from the bondage of having to be someone you’re not. Your aim should be to daily walk with Jesus and allow Him to change you, but you can’t fake what God can do in you. 

Do you want reality? Are you tired of pretending to be perfect so people at church won’t talk about you? The journey might begin by you getting out of that toxic church to which you belong. Find a real church with real people who have real struggles who help each other grow in Christ. There is a major difference between religion and a real relationship with Christ. I want the latter.


One thought on ““Fake-ianity”: Who are we trying to convince?

  1. I have been watching that show with my mom since I was a kid. I completely agree with you. So many try to be a perfect portrait of what they think others want them to be, but God is the only one worthy of impressing.

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