Poor, Pitiful Me

Over the last few decades, a false idea has been spread as truth and many have fallen into its trap. “Matthew, what are you talking about?” You know I’m going to tell you ๐Ÿ˜€. It is the idea that you won’t have any problems as a Christian. What do we do when these problems come? We play the victim card.

Today, everyone is a victim. We are victims of the food industry because we are overweight or underweight. We are victims of spousal abuse because we don’t get everything we want from that person. We are victims because we don’t make enough money and bill collectors love us, or victims of having too much money because too many people want “a piece of the pie”. If you want an excuse, you can be a victim.

Christians have also fallen prey to a “cousin” to the false teaching that no Christians have problems – the idea that all your problems will be resolved VERY soon. I can personally tell you that I am still waiting for the “fairy tale ending” in some areas of my life. Someone reminded me that the “happily ever after” in this life isn’t always a reality. Life has consequences. If your consequences are results of poor choices, please burn that victim card. I’m preaching to myself too.

If you are a Christian, is there such a thing as “poor, pitiful me”? Not when you value richness from God’s perspective. Many early believers die a martyr’s death. Why should we be any different? Jesus suffered unjustly to provide salvation for all who would receive it. With that in mind, let’s take our focus off self and turn it toward Jesus.


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