Blessings Focus

Yesterday, our hospice administrator posted something on Facebook about our sensitivity to those around us who are hurting rather than our own petty complaints. That post provoked some thoughts about some personal blessings.

I thank God that He sent His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to provide salvation for me when I saw that I could not save myself.

I thank God for sending me a wonderful wife who has been a strong emotional supporter from the beginning. After a divorce, I feared what I could have married. God stepped in on this one for sure.

I thank God that I have a running car (or at least it will be up and running next week). That car was forced upon me in my separation, I’m upside down on it, but it works. I refuse to complain when some people have it much worse.

I thank God for wonderful coworkers. We laugh together and share the ups and downs of life together. I’m glad I can go there and perform a job with a team I dearly love.

I thank God for my children (those who are biological and those who came with my marriage). 

I thank God I have a job. Many do not. I thank God that my wife is employed also.

I thank God for friends. There are people who have walked with me through the darkest times of life and still love me. I’m blessed.

I thank God for a new church home with a pastor and people who care about me. 

I thank God that He is making a way in some areas I won’t share publicly, but He is at work.

I am blessed to be a blessing. So are you!!!! God did not put you here for you. Spread love, joy, peace, and the blessings He has poured out in your life. Don’t keep it to yourself.


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