We Move On…They Don’t 

As I drove by the construction site for the Clemson NewSpring Church campus today, something occurred to me. It has only been a few weeks since the news came out about Perry Noble’s departure. He went public about his battle with alcoholism and checked himself into a treatment center. Many of us have moved on from that news, but Perry, his family, and many NewSpring members are still adjusting. We often move on, but they don’t. 

This is so common. A tragic death happens. While we move on, the lonely family grieves deeply. The man or woman who was blindsided by divorce tries to put the pieces of life back together, but everyone else has gotten over the shock and moved on.

In my job as hospice chaplain, I also serve as bereavement coordinator and follow up with many families after the patient’s death. Life goes on for most people, but the grieving process keeps going. I watch many people have to adjust to a new normal. 

How can we be intentional about ministering to the hurting and not forgetting them a few days afterward? What will it take for us to see beyond ourselves and minister to that hurting individual?

I type this to encourage sensitivity to those around you. A simple gesture to show you care can mean the world. Put a reminder in your phone to make a phone call, set up lunch, or drop by for a visit after work. It will be a while before they move on, so make a lasting memory they will cherish for years to come when they can look back and see God’s emotional healing in their life.


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