Jesus at the Center

Last week, I introduced a series called “Sunday sermons”. This week’s will be strictly a post in abbreviated form, because I know that most of you don’t have time to listen to a 30-minute message (unless you’re really bored).

This message from Colossians 1:9-18 is one I have never preached. As I stated, you will get the basic outline with little commentary.

  1. Jesus at the center of our prayers (Colossians 1:9-12). If there is a prayer in Scripture I want people to pray for me, it is this one. This book was written by Paul to believers who were a little mixed up in their belief system. He had to correct some things, but he began by praying for them. We should follow this example and begin every process with prayer.
  2. Jesus at the center of our doctrine (Colossians 1:13-17). Doctrine is just another word for teaching or beliefs. Why should Jesus be the center of what we teach, preach, and believe? He is the Author of our salvation (13-14), the exact representation of the Father (15-16), and the center of everything (17). He has always existed, and everything from Genesis to Revelation points to Him.
  3. Jesus at the center of the church (Colossians 1:18). Notice that Jesus is the One to receive the pre-eminence, the glory, the focus in the church. Not the pastor! Not the head deacon! Not the person who gives the most! It’s Jesus!

I would like to post a song that I often sing in my own personal worship time “Jesus at the Center” by Israel Houghton. I pray it blesses you and you can pour out your heart in worship as you place Jesus at the center.


2 thoughts on “Jesus at the Center

  1. Maybe sometimes we are so determined to spread the Gospel that we forget the Person it is about. We look for another program, another set of music, another…whatever. Thanks for the re-focus!

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