Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow? Really?

I am a visionary. When I was on church staff, I went there with a vision of where God wanted to take things under my leadership. I was always thinking about “tomorrow” and the journey to get there.

I am now 35, and a lot has changed. The things that used to matter to me don’t anymore. I still think about “tomorrow” and how things can improve in certain areas. Some people are either paralyzed by their past mistakes or living in the “good old days”. Others dream about how things can be better. The problem is that we miss today – enjoying our spouse, our children and how they are growing and developing, the glory of God displayed around us in creation, etc. 

Steven Furtick recently preached and mentioned the verse we often quote: THIS is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it (TODAY). We need to rejoice in today! Don’t focus on the promotion you want or the current of season of life you hate so much! Just enjoy the positive things of today. 

I like Fleetwood Mac, but these words aren’t the best theology: “Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow, Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here, It’ll be, better than before…” The overwhelming theme of the song is to not be trapped in yesterday. However, the thought of tomorrow being better causes many to miss out on the blessings of today.

Am I saying for you to stop dreaming? Not at all! Just don’t miss out on enjoying the journey because you’re too focused on the destination.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow? Really?

  1. Good reminder! As my walk of faith includes bouts of severe depression, I often am challenged to appreciate the moment and to live in the moment. What we have is this. This moment!

  2. Thank God for his grace for today! His grace, loving kindness, flows over us from heaven. His resurrection power takes us when we are weak and makes us strong. His grace changes us from the inside out and heals and enables us. Praise God for his grace!

  3. Great words about balance. My current sermon series is on the book of Ecclesiastes and last Sunday was Chapter 8–the importance of balance in life and how God helps us discover that balance. Don’t get locked into the past or future–otherwise you miss out on today! Thanks!

  4. I agree.
    In the same way, He gives us bread only for today. No sense worrying about tomorrow’s bread. When tomorrow becomes today we are assured of all the bread we need for “today”.

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