Your Breakthrough Is on the Way

Life is all about transitions, preparation, etc. I have watched the ebb and flow of my life and have seen the hand of God through all of it. Would I say that everything that has happened in my life a part of God’s perfect plan? No. I will say that some steps have been made out of God’s plan, but He used the mistakes to teach me and prepare me. 

You and I hold the key to the emotional outcome of what happens to us. We can choose to be bitter or choose joy. Most of our misery comes because we allowed ourselves to feel that way. Bad things happen to everyone. We can decide what to do with that.

I can testify to the fact that your breakthrough is on the way. We eventually adapt to our circumstances and can see God shine through it. 

God is your help, your Deliverer, and your very present help in time of need. Being patient is easier said than done, but wait upon the Lord. He will fulfill His promise.

7 thoughts on “Your Breakthrough Is on the Way

  1. I’m keeping my spirit up. Praying daily just hope I’m not going to live on the street with my family , I’m doing all positive things to help my family , just need a little divine intervention !!!

  2. I’ve been reading about the “Holy Saturday”, the day between the crucifixion and the resurrection. There is one entire day between the day of Christ’s death and the day He first appeared with new life. Whenever we have experienced the death of something dear to us in life, we all look towards the new beginning. But we forget the time in between. The time of transition. The time in the tomb. It’s ok to mourn. Resurrection never happens over night!

  3. I agree with you. It is often how we see things that determines how we feel about them.

    For me the thinking that “all things work together for my good” helps my emotions alot whenever things don’t turn out as expected.

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