Constant Replay

Have you ever been through the same life experience over and over? You wonder why the same lesson keeps popping up? I think we can all answer “Yes!” to this. We often want to tell God we got it the first time, but we really didn’t. 

I can’t take the credit for this thought, but I wanted to share it with you. When you first grasp the lesson, it only goes slightly beneath the surface. When you are continually faced with the lesson, that’s when it takes root. It is one thing to be familiar with something and another thing to know it.

If you are reading this and it seems like the same thing keeps popping up, God wants some truth to take root in your life so it will become a core part of who you are. Jesus is more about life change than He is about you confirming. In fact, He doesn’t want you conforming. He wants to change you from the inside out. Please allow the One who made you to shape you into the person He created you to be.


3 thoughts on “Constant Replay

  1. Yes, and the wisdom and understanding for it is “Grace will teach us and Peace will keep us.”
    We’re all doing laps my friend

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