Perspective Matters

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it seems like you get hit from a few different angles? The enemy of your soul uses people to discourage you, and you become focused on what’s not happening rather than what is happening.

As I write this, I choose to focus on the reality of how good my Lord is. I choose to not allow people to be tools of satan in my life. I choose to thank God for the many people who love me and have spoken life into me this week as I strive to discern God’s will about some things. 

In the book of James, He writes to the church at Jerusalem and says, “Count it all joy when you fall into various kind of trials.” Who’s with me in thinking that doesn’t make much sense? In the mind of God, it makes all the sense in the world. How? Perspective!

You can choose to look at the cup half empty, half full, or say like the psalmist “my cup runneth over”. I choose the third one. Jesus is a well of living water inside me that won’t run dry! I have followed Him for almost 30 years of my life. I have served Him in churches in 4 states and have been humbled to be His servant. I’m not a perfect man, but I point people to the One who washed away all my sin.

How are you feeling today? Your perspective will make all the difference in the world. Choose to smile and let the Spirit of God activate His joy, love, and peace inside you while the world is crashing around you. People will sit up and take notice. Give God all the glory and say, “Jesus led me all the way!”


7 thoughts on “Perspective Matters

  1. I had some of the same thoughts a few hours ago. Mine was more along the lines on how we get bombarded with people posting on FB throughout the day all the things that will kill us. Food, toothpaste, deodorant, modern medicine etc. These same things can be used for good in our lives. It’s all the perspective. Have a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent! It is easy to be overcome by the onslaught of negative activity, thoughts and words. Finding things to be grateful for is the better choice but takes effort. I also like that you quoted James, counting it all joy when facing trials and tribulations. I use this one a lot for myself. It helps me to remember that God is always there for me even in the darkest of times. God bless you.

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