The Gospel of Negativity?

I have been around circles of preachers who tried to convince me in my younger days that in order to preach the “real gospel”, a preacher has to be negative all the time. To them, there is no room for joking or joy in the pulpit. 

The last time I checked, the word gospel means “good news”. So why the negativity? Yes, people need to understand that their sin separates them from God. Yes, they need to know the repercussions of sinning against God. However, they need to know that the goodness of God leads people to repentance and the love of God is what draws them. Furthermore, they need to know that Jesus loves them enough to die, rise again, and pay the price for their sins. They need to know that they can come to a loving, merciful Father who wants a relationship with them. He won’t let us stay in sin, but He wants us to experience His goodness as we are equipped to walk in obedience.

Dear Christian, your spiritual gift is not beating people up and producing guilt and shame in the lives of others. The Holy Spirit convicts people. You preach the good news with the joy of the Lord while the sourpuss people who call themselves Christians pour cold water on everything. We have plenty of those. Stand out and make a distinction in this generation that needs Jesus!

5 thoughts on “The Gospel of Negativity?

  1. Great post! There are many negative preachers. There is too much damnation of people from some pulpits. We live in a time where our positive testimonies are so important and need to be heard! I worship a God of love and am blessed to share that great news and how life changing that can be! Thank you for sharing your gift!

  2. I second that Amen … so many churches are beating people up and wearing them down … I believe truth is important but what about the GOOD News the
    news we should be excited about and praising the Lord !!
    Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus our Lord and Savior !!
    I feel like in such difficult times politically and socially at least in the US we need the church to LOVE people and share His love with the lost and hurting
    God bless you awesome post !!

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