Let the Pharisee Speak Up!

I’m laughing hysterically at this internally because Pharisees always make themselves known. You may ask what a Pharisee is. Pharisees were the “holier than thou” religious people of Jesus’ day, and we still have them. They do all the right things on the outside, but their hearts are far from God. They will judge you because you don’t act like them. 

Pharisees continue to infect the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. They may be deacons, pastors, denominational leaders, or just people who faithfully take up space in a pew and wish someone else had been there to hear the message. 

How do we deal with these Pharisees? I find it best to answer them with love and walk on. They are going to talk about you or someone else anyway, so let them flap their lips. Pray that they will experience a real relationship with Christ rather than one they fake. Pharisees can change. The devil has them blinded by religion. Religion has sent and will continue to send many to hell. A relationship with Christ will give you peace with God and an eternal home in Heaven. Many Pharisees will find themselves in hell because they thought they were good enough for not doing certain things on a checklist. Those who have a relationship with Christ will go to Heaven because Christ’s righteousness has been applied to them. Religion enslaves. Christ sets you free from religion. I choose Christ!


8 thoughts on “Let the Pharisee Speak Up!

  1. You know, historically, Pharisees aren’t actually “holy than thou”, right? They were just one of four major groups who believed in and hoped for the coming of the Messiah. Sure, in hindsight, we see their tactics as annoying, but in their day the world was perilous, and they meant to preserve what was perceived as true devotion to God as best as they could according to their beliefs.

  2. Regarding your remark, “Those [Pharisees] who have a relationship with Christ will go to heaven,” I pray that the Lord will reveal to you that salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ is not about “going to heaven”! Do you understand the gravity of this misunderstanding of what God has made us in Christ?!?

    1. God has, indeed, revealed to me that a relationship with Christ is more than Fire insurance. We have a mission to fulfill here until He calls us home. If Heaven was my only reward, I would not have surrendered to the call to ministry and endured some of the hardships of sharing the gospel and the truth of Scripture. My call was to be His disciple, taking up my cross daily and following Him. I apologize if my wording is misleading.

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