Does Anyone Take Risks Anymore?

This theme has been a topic of conversation for the last two days. Do people take risks anymore? In my experience with church life, many want to play it safe (pastors included) rather than obey God and deal with the ridicule from people. People value security over advancement or obedience. Men and women put a lid on their potential and quit dreaming rather than take chances. Why is this?

  1. Fear – People are afraid of rejection, failure, or opposition. Fear is a paralyzing tool that the devil uses to stop people from reaching their God-given potential.
  2. Lost hope – Many don’t take risks and dream big because they have lost hope. They allow one or more disappointments to keep them from dreaming and having vision for greater. They settle for less than God’s best to protect themselves from potential hurt.
  3. Lack of discipline – Some don’t want to put forth the work to move forward. Why do more and excel when you can do less and get the same results you’ve gotten for decades?

What would have happened had people in the Bible, our country’s founding fathers, or successful inventors not taken risks? We would not be where we are today.

Why are you settling to stay in the boat when God is calling you to walk on water? God made you for more! Take that leap of faith and watch God honor your obedience.


7 thoughts on “Does Anyone Take Risks Anymore?

  1. This is our challenge. And what about the Hebrews, led by God with a pillar of cloud in the daytime and a pillar of fire at night and Moses being God’s chosen leader? They got to the edge of the Promised Land, and they wanted to go back to Egypt to become slaves. Why? They knew they had onions back there, but they didn’t know how God would keep His promise to fight for them. Onions rather than the Promised Land–and many of God’s people keep making that same choice every day….

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