You Didn’t Waste Your Time

I think many of us feel like we have poured our life into something or someone, only to feel that it was fruitless. As a man who has served in churches since I was 15, I have served some churches where I felt like I wasted my time there. I find later that the time wasn’t wasted.

When I resigned the pastorate in 2013, family problems had depleted my ability to try to pastor a church where an element was against me. I stood before that small Sunday night crowd and gave a very brief resignation speech. I didn’t have the emotional strength to give more. I remember the last statement I made – “I cling to the promise that my labor was not in vain in the Lord.” Then I sat down.

Even from that brief pastorate, I occasionally hear about how God used me. First Corinthians 15:58 promises you that your labor for the Lord is not wasted. Whatever you do in investing into someone’s life for God’s glory will reap benefits. They may be seen in eternity rather than here, but they will be brought to light.

To the person who feels like you’re wasting your time at church or ministering in some capacity, it’s not in vain! Your definition of success and God’s are vastly different. Focus on God’s definition and keep investing, even when you can’t see what God is doing.


9 thoughts on “You Didn’t Waste Your Time

  1. The Lord says that His Word does not return to Him void.
    Every word spoken to another will bear fruit in Kairos. Amen
    One sows seed, another waters and the Lord give the increase in his time.
    No seed can grow unless it first falls to the ground and dies, then it will produce many more seeds from the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
    Take upon you my yoke says the Lord, for my work is not burdensome for I am humble and gentle.
    No branch can bear fruit alone without the vine.
    Thankyou Yeshua
    Have a great day my friend.

  2. Been there many times, and our Faithful Father has always reminded me of this truth. I remember what my homiletics professor said, “You always do 3 sermons (or messages) every time you speak: the one you prepared, the one you delivered and the one they heard. If the Holy Spirit is in the first 2, He will be there in the third.” Thanks for your openness–God is using you and will continue to use you.

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